Michael Shannon gtr, voice, keys

Ray Rizzo dr, voice, harmonica

Rob Beitzel gtr, voice

often with either Matt Scobee or Dave Wnorowski on bass

Corporal formed in 2007 when Mike moved to Brooklyn and he and Ray started playing shows at Goodbye Blue Monday and other local bars. They had previously played music in 2002 while acting in a play about a band that self-destructed. That play was Adam Rapp's "Finer Noble Gases" which also featured Rob who, also in Brooklyn, joined the new band at their early shows and during recording. Mike chose the name Corporal for the band and used his cell phone to take the photos that are on the front and back of the album. He also wrote the songs on the record. 

Corporal's eponymous album was recorded, mixed, and mastered in 10 days spread out over 18 months. With Ray acting as producer, recording began at Monsterland in Bushwick, Brooklyn with Kevin Meeker engineering, moving to Wayne Dorell's Pigeon Club studio in Hoboken, and finished with mixing sessions at Saltlands Studios with engineer/producer Jim Smith at the desk. Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde" served as inspiration for the process and intended outcome, with all but 2 tracks recorded live with live vocal takes, and sparse overdubbing done afterwards. In 2012 Jim Smith remixed the acoustic version of "Obama" to be included on a self-released 7" that also included the spasmodic version of the same song and "Effortless". Corporal's song "Sick" is used in the Noah Buschel film "Sparrow's Dance".


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